Fuck Yeah Atticus Ross

“I got two dream people to do that. I wrote with Atticus Ross (I couldn’t believe that), and I asked if he would recommend anyone that Nine Inch Nails had worked with – because they are so good at making it pretty and dirty as well, which I so wanted to get across with the album. He highly recommended this guy Michael Patterson who mixed like The Social Network soundtrack and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and hip hop stuff like P Diddy and Dr Dre, and then also pop stuff like Pink. I messaged him and we met up at SXSW to see if he liked me. He did about half the songs and we got a Swedish guy, Anders Hvenare, to mix all the Swedish tracks. He’s mixed I Blame Coco and the Miike Snow record as well – it’s amazing it all sounds cohesive.”

Zowie’s album is already out in New Zealand, an international release date has yet to be set.