Fuck Yeah Atticus Ross

As part of our Master Class series (supported by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences), acclaimed film artists will share insights into their creative process. Launching the series is Academy-Award winning musician/producer/composer Atticus Ross (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Social Network), who will perform an original electronic soundscape created just for the Festival and discuss the art of scoring films.

Notes from a talk and Q&A in Professor Jason Squire’s class on “Sound In Movies” from 2011.

Article on Liberty Ross’ family, which of course, means Atticus’.

Gennadiy works through the political system as an activist, and he runs an orphanage, but the system doesn’t work fast enough for him—or for the thousands of street kids who live in his city of Mariupal, Ukraine, most of whom are addicted to a lethal cocktail of injected cold medicine and alcohol. So at night, he goes on raids for the lost children in the ruins of this empire.

In 2012 we approached Atticus Ross (best known for his award winning score work alongside Trent Reznor in the films ‘The Social Network’ and ‘The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo’) to write music for the Blood Brother end credits. Unfortunately he was too busy working on the Nine Inch Nails album at the time but we stayed in contact and tried again with our early Gennadiy footage. He called it a ‘powerful experience’ describing Gennadiy as a project he ‘couldn’t say no to’. The music for the Kickstarter campaign was written with his brother Leopold Ross. They will work together with Claudia Sarne to create the score for Gennadiy.

The panel of composers will include:

Atticus Ross, Brian Tyler (Iron Man 3,John Dies at the End), David Sardy (End of Watch, Zombieland), other panelists TBA.

Tickets can be purchased at the link for SUNDAY, JUNE 16, 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

On The Wing, How Long & Strings and Attractors are all available for full remixing!

Points of note:

  • Atticus has hinted at the possibility of more 12 Rounds music
  • The Touching Evil soundtrack may finally be released
  • And a huge amount about HTDA’s upcoming shows and the work on Welcome Oblivion!

Any pre orders placed through the official site will get an exclusive white label copy of Keep It Together too!

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