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Aug 31

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New Atticus Ross interview at the Australia Daily Mail -

Now their third project with the filmmaker is getting ready to hit cinemas, Gone Girl, with Atticus saying it’s ‘the best thing we’ve done’.

I feel like the music fits beautifully with the picture but it also feels like our most experimental work,’ he said.

'The process was different partly because Trent and I were working on it in between his Nine Inch Nails tour and there was something magical about that.' 

Starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike in the lead roles, with Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry making up the supporting cast, Gone Girl follows the plight of a husband who becomes accused of his wife’s murder after she goes missing under suspicious circumstances.

As one of only a select handful of people in the world to have seen the finished cut of the film - and loved the best-selling novel it’s based on - Atticus said audiences are in for a treat. 

'I like it when I go into a cinema and I'm not aware that I'm there, I'm totally involved in the film for two hours.

'With Gone Girl I sat down and suddenly the end credits were rolling, you just become so engrossed in it. 

'From the very first time I saw it I thought it was a superb film.

'From day one it seems like David has had a clarity of vision before he even picked up the camera.'

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Aug 11

treznor: Backstage multitasking

treznor: Backstage multitasking

Aug 09

Atticus Ross linked to scoring Michael Mann's "Blackhat" -

IMDb has posted that Atticus Ross, with fellow British composer Harry Gregson-Williams, is scoring Michael Mann’s upcoming 2015 thriller “Blackhat”.

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Jul 26

'Love & Mercy,' Biopic on Brian Wilson's Dark Years, to Premiere in September -

The film is being scored by brothers Atticus and Leopold Ross

Jul 22

Broken City’s soundtrack, by Atticus Ross, Leopold Ross and Claudia Sarne, has been listed for sale on Amazon UK on CD finally, so any European followers, you can now get it!

(And it’s still on Amazon US too)

Jul 17

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Jul 16

From the 23rd June 2006 radio show.

From the 23rd June 2006 radio show.

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