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Oct 01


Sep 30

“Our brains kind of compliment each other, I’m the one sitting behind the instrument playing the notes, he’s the one interpreting and arranging them in a way that leads to places I would never achieve on my own.” — Trent Reznor on Atticus Ross

Sep 26



Sep 25

First Listen: Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, 'Gone Girl (Motion Picture Soundtrack)' -


NPR is streaming the Gone Girl soundtrack in full!

First Listen: Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, 'Gone Girl (Motion Picture Soundtrack)' -

NPR is streaming the Gone Girl soundtrack in full!

Gone Girl OST (digital) has been listed on Amazon, giving us a runtime of 1:26:42, and that it will be released under Columbia records - a departure from previous scores by Trent and Atticus which have previously been by The Null Corporation.

(And, as the price is the same as the one from NIN.com, and NIN.com gives you a better range of download options including lossless, and it gives more money to the artists, I’d say stick with that for the digital-only crowd).

Sep 23


Sep 22

Love & Mercy's soundtrack to be released on Capitol Records -

Capitol will release a soundtrack of Love & Mercy, Pohlad told Billboard, although he has no further details.”

Pohlad — producer of such films as 12 Years a Slave and The Tree of Life — doesn’t know if he would’ve proceeded with the project without Wilson’s blessing.

"I can’t answer that because so much of what developed out of it was based on the ability to get into tracks," he said. "From a music perspective, certainly, the ability of Atticus [Ross] and I to get into the tracks and play with them was important. Also to have the music in the film was important. It was not ever going to be a Mama Mia! kind of movie. We didn’t want that.

"Brian and Melinda were involved from the beginning and we knew that we would have the rights to the music from the beginning. Now from there, it was a matter of also building trust with Brian and Melinda so they would open up more of the unreleased stuff or the tracking sessions that they have."


Sep 20

The previously posted purchase links for the Gone Girl Soundtrack have been taken down and were apparently not meant to go live yet - items will be refunded.

From EchoingTheSound.org:

"We will have to refund those orders as those aren’t even the correct prices"

The tracks so far available from Gone Girl are as follows: